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Our Top Eight Restaurant Start-Up Basics

Many people have dreamed at one time or another of owning a food service business such as a restaurant. As fascinating as that may seem, let it be known, as our blog post below will cover, that this is not an easy thing to do. However, as obviously there are so many successful restaurants and eateries, it’s not an impossible dream by any means.

Restaurant Start-Up 101

1- What kind of restaurant will it be: A fast-food franchise or a luncheonette concept? What kind of food will be served: American home-cooking, Italian or Asian?

2- “Location, Location and Location!”: Depending on where your place will be situated, this can be the deciding factor as to whether you survive to break even in the first year–or not. Have you carefully researched as to the number of previous eating places that occupied the place, and how soon after opening did they vacate the premises?

3- A Name Says A Lot: If it’s Italian, then a name like “Luigi’s” might be best. If it’s barbecues, then “Old Hickory” may be best. How about “The Crazy Carrot” for a health food eatery? Choose to your delight for this can be a fun experience.

4- Have Your Support Team In Place: Having an accountant or bookkeeper, an attorney and a bank all in place are crucial. A good insurance policy and agent is also a must. Likewise, who will be your primary funding source? Is it your family, your bank or the credit line limit on your credit cards?

5- Compliance With The Law:

Permits, variances, certifications, board of health registries and other legalities can either make you or break you, so you better have everything in order.

6-Choosing Your Right Equipment:

For instance, in choosing your ice makers, then careful thought must be given to the design, style and most importantly, its purpose in making what kind of ice cubes you’ll primarily need.

Whether you’re serving soft drinks, mixed drinks, bagged ice, ice for dispensing, cocktails or just plain ice for the buffet table, each ice cube machine has a distinctive design, price tag and style–so choose wisely and discriminately.

There are many kinds of ice making machines available, including full-cube, half-cube, frappe or simply shaved ice; each has a purpose in a restaurant and requires differently designed commercial ice makers. A consultation with a reputable restaurant equipment dealer will help you in making the right selection.

7- Restaurant Design, Menu And Staff Personnel:

Choose carefully now. Your seating arrangement, restaurant furniture and ambiance are crucial; obviously, your food’s quality, and who serves it to your customers, are equally vitally important.

8- The Most Important Of All

Patience, a high tolerance level for stress and a sense of humor–without them, you’ll not enjoy success in the restaurant business.